Fake Look vs Natural Look

Choosing what ‘LOOK’ you want is an important first step to consider and discuss with the SixSurgery team . This page will help you understand the difference between “Fake” and “Natural” look.

During your Breast Augmentation consultation with the SixSurgery team, you will learn all the possibilities that can work for you, and determine what is the best implant approach for your breasts and personal goals.

Feel more feminine, more attractive and more confident in your body.

What Look Is Best for Me?

This is a very common question patients ask the SixSurgery team . However, ONLY YOU can answer this question. You are the one that has to be happy every time you look in a mirror. So what the SixSurgery team or anyone else’s likes doesn’t really matter. You are doing this surgery to make yourself happy, not someone else.

To best determine what would make you happy, we recommend that you do research online and find at least 10 photos of breasts that you love, and 10 photos of breasts that you hate.

But here is the catch:

You must look for nude photos. Women wearing clothes, bikinis or bras do not show their true breasts. They always show a breast that is lifted, supported, held in place where it wouldn’t normally sit were that person naked. These are not ‘realistic’ photos.

For that reason it is important that you find nude photos. Ideally viewed head on, not from an angle, not on a person lying down or some other pose. Head on, standing, showing full breasts. Looking at our or other surgeon’s before and after photos is your best bet to find photos that you like or don’t like. These photos will also help the SixSurgery team better understand what you want to achieve.

Natural Look Breast Augmentation

Women always analyze one another, assessing and comparing clothing, body shape, image and behavior. The decision to have Breast Augmentation is, however, extremely personal. One of the main advantages of a natural looking breast enhancement is that few other people will necessarily know that you have had an augmentation unless you wish for them to do so (this is particularly true if you have previously worn a padded bra and/or bikini). Your scars will be beautifully concealed, virtually undetectable to the naked eye, and your breast enlargement will compliment and enhance your figure.

The characteristics of a typical natural looking breast enlargement are:
  • The breast has a gentle slope to it and projects forward towards the nipple
  • Most of the volume is in the lower half of the breast
  • The nipple sits on the most projecting part of the breast
  • The breast sits approximately at the mid level of the arm
  • The nipple is located above the breast fold (if the nipple sits below the breast fold, that by definition is a drooping breast)

natural looking breast

How to achieve Natural Looking Breast Augmentation?

In order to achieve ‘The Natural Look’, the breast augmentation surgery has to be carefully planned and executed. It is important that the augmentation simply enhances your existing breast, and not tries to build a new one.

To achieve a natural looking results, some or all of these have to be considered:
  • Placing the implant under the chest muscle (sub-muscular or subpectoral)
  • Using a moderate profile implant that fits your chest width and is proportional to the rest of your body. Your breasts will initially sit higher on the chest immediately after Breast Augmentation surgery, but with routine and deliberate manipulation of the implants (through breast massage) they will quickly descend into a more natural position within the first 3 months.
  • Limiting the breast implant width to the width of your breasts. If you choose an implant that is larger, it’s edges will peek out from around the natural breast borders.
  • Using a teardrop shape implant in patients who have no breast shape and need the implant to shape the final result.
  • Natural Look Breast Augmentation
  • Natural Look Breast Augmentation
  • Natural Look Breast Augmentation
  • Natural Look Breast Augmentation

Fake Look Breast Augmentation

The Fake Look is inspired by Hollywood, where celebrities with very obvious breast enlargements are often seen. Despite not being a natural look, the extensive media exposure of this type of breast enhancement has led to it becoming accepted by some women as normal (or a normal), thereby further confusing the distinction between what is considered fake and what is considered normal.

The characteristics of a fake-looking breast enlargement are:
  • Breasts that are positioned high on the chest
  • A prominent, round or bubbly cleavage (giving a permanent push-up bra effect)
  • A breast that appears large in proportion to the rest of the chest
  • Contouring around the edge of the implant can be seen
  • Rippling or other features of an excessively large breast are seen

Fake Look Breast Augmentation

The Fake Look is achieved by going over the chest muscle (sub-glandular or sub-mammary), using high profile implants or filling saline implants to their maximum, and using an implant size that is large compared to your chest. Immediately after Breast Augmentation surgery, your breasts will more closely resemble the final result than with the Natural Look augmentation (particularly once any swelling has gone down).

  • Fake Look Breast Augmentation
  • Fake Look Breast Augmentation
  • Fake Look Breast Augmentation
  • Fake Look Breast Augmentation

Here are some examples on Bigger Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Surgery

All Breast Augmentation procedures initially involve the careful placement of a small incision through which a breast pocket is then created. At SixSurgery, the incision can be made in one of three possible places on a thes body:

The breast pocket is an empty space either above or below the chest muscle (pectoral is major) into which the breast implant is inserted.The position of the implant above or below the chest muscle will influence the final appearance of the breast enhancement.

Your Breast Implant Placement

Breast implants that are positioned below the chest muscle tend to look more natural because they are hidden by both muscle and breast tissue. Placing the implants over the chest muscle and under the breast itself (sub-glandular) gives a rounder, fake-looking breast enlargement.

If this placement is to be chosen, it is important that you have sufficient upper breast tissue for proper implant coverage, otherwise a prominent upper edge to one or both implants may be seen.

Lear more about breast implant placement.

Your Breast Implant Size

The size of your breast implants will make a big difference to the look you can achieve. As with the breast implant diameter mentioned above, the primary goal of most women is to achieve a proportionate appearance. During the consultation process, SixSurgery team will measure your chest and breast size, as well as your height and weight. These measurements will be used to recommend the right implant to fit your existing proportions, a method known as Dimensional Breast Augmentation. While you might instead decide to choose a size that goes beyond what has been suggested if you desire a more fake-looking enhancement, this is your decision. However, SixSurgery teamwill always guide and advise you on what will be the most beneficial choice for your body and needs.


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