Huge Boobs and
Big Breast Implants

Go big or go home

If you are getting implants, you might as well get big ones, right?

Everywhere you look, women say they wish they went bigger, so you might as well go big right off the bat so that you don’t have to come back and get them redone, right?

But the fact is, choosing large implants is not always the right choice.

While some women like a more subtle breast augmentation, there are those that want to go big. Really big!

They like images of women on social media showing large breasts, cleavage, and fullness in the upper chest. The implants are HUGE and they sit HIGH.

Bigger is better, right?

But DON’T BE FOOLED. That is not reality. Reality is that large implants are heavy, and they fall with gravity. They will NOT sit so high, they will fall. The reason you see all these women with such high implants is that they are supporting their breasts. So it’s a misconception that large implants will give you a lot of upper pole fullness. And many women are then disappointed when their breasts fall, and the upper chest is flat.

Large breast implants: they always fall with gravity. We often see photos of women with large breast implants, big cleavage and a lot of fullness on top. Those are never naked photos. Those women use their bras or hands to support their breasts. Without that support those heavy implants fall. Not in this photo how low the implant has fallen. The nipple is not centered on the breast implant, and the upper chest is empty and flat. So many women don’t like that upper chest flatness and want large implants to fill that, not realizing that in reality a bigger implant will only fall more

While at first you see large implants, if you look closely you will note the tell tale signs of an implant that is too big and too heavy:

  • the implant sit low, below the nipple.  The nipple is not centered on the implant, it is pointing up
  • because the implant is sitting low on the chest, there is a large flat surface below the clavicle, the very area these women want to fill
Huge Boobs
Big Breast Implants

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