Natural Looking
Breast Augmentation

Your Natural Shape Defines Your Augmentation Results

When having breast augmentation, it is important that you have a realistic expectation of what we can do for you.  A breast augmentation is not the creation of brand new breasts, but the augmentation of your existing ones.  Your natural breast size, shape, and composition dictates what an augmentation can do for you.

First of all, your body’s natural shape will determine much of the outcome. Dr. Jugenburg will take this into account during the initial exam, and explain this to you.  If you are unsure or don’t understand this, do not hesitate to ask us to clarify anything we tell you.  We want you to be properly educated before you decide to undergo a breast augmentation.

Here are some basics on breast structure and body shape. Understanding this will help explain how the surgical result will vary from woman to woman.


Touching Breasts– This particular type of breasts are full and round with no space in between them. Generally, women with larger breasts carry these sets of breasts they may not be firm but the 2 breast do not have space in-between them.

Surgery considerations – women with touching breasts will always have a tight cleavage.  When performing a breast augmentation, it is important that the surgeon is careful to avoid a ‘uniboob’.  In case you are considering a breast reduction, an anchor technique could result in your horizontal scars touching and your surgeon will need to make an effort to keep them apart.


Wide set– these sets of breasts are separated and further apart from each other (3 or more fingers apart). Because of the separation it is almost impossible to create a cleavage or have them touch each other. These breast can either be full and large or small and shallow with a space in between them.


Separated- These breasts have a natural separation, cleavage, which can vary from narrow to wide. While naked these breast sit apart, but with a good bra it is possible to create cleavage you like.

Surgery considerations – The width of the breasts is usually dictated by the insertion of the pectoral muscles into the sternal bone.  Implants placed under the muscle are thus held apart by the pectoral muscles.  If you feel the gap is too wide and you wish to have a tighter cleavage, going over the muscle may be an option.  If, however, you try to fake a cleavage by placing implants too close together, you run the risk of having your nipple point sideways.  This is because most likely your natural breasts sit wide apart and when the implant is place more medially than the natural breast, the end result is outward pointing nipples.


Round/Augmented – these are known to be sexy by most women and men. Round breasts are solid breasts that are full with a lot of volume to create the round look on top and around the breasts. It is usually augmented and can be obtained by different techniques to create the round look of the breasts. It gives a
“Victoria Secret” look.

Surgery considerations – when your breasts already have an augmented look, adding a round implant will make them just larger.  If you wish a more teardrop look, you might have to consider using shaped implants.  Another consideration the surgeon has to take into account is your glandular tissue.  A round tight look is likely due to your natural breast gland tissue distribution which is less malleable than if you had a mostly fatty breast.  In such a situation, it is advisable that you do not choose an implant that is wider than your natural breast as you run the risk of developing a double bubble, when the outline of the breast implant is seen outside the confines of your natural breast tissue which sits on top of the breast implant bubble.


Teardrop– This type of breasts is ideal, where it fills out more at the bottom than the top giving a natural look- If this is an implant it mimics the shape of a natural breast. Teardrop creates a sloped shape where it is fuller at the bottom than the top of the breast. The nipples slightly pointing downwards.

Surgery considerations – a teardrop look is created by using teardrop implants (in patients with minimal existing tissue) or round implants (not higher than moderate profile) placed partly under the muscle.  If you already have a teardrop looking natural breast, using a teardrop implant may exaggerate the teardrop look which you may not like.  In such patients Dr. Jugenburg likes to use moderate profile round implants under the muscle.


Pendulous-This type of breasts are usually seen in women who have deflated fullness- the upper breast tissue is not detectable or completely gone. The breasts have soft tissues elongating the breasts and the nipple is pointing downwards due to deflation. This can occurs due to child birth, breast feeding, or significant weight loss.

Surgery considerations – if you have pendulous breasts, you need a breast lift to help reshape your breasts.  Choosing an implant alone will result in a ‘ball in a sock’ look.  The amount of lifting (and thus scar length) depends on how much you wish to lift your breasts.  A ‘vertical mastopexy’ is ideal when 2-3cm of lifting is required.  If your breasts are very pendulous and require a significant lift, an achor type breast lift is likely to produce better results.  Some women wish to minimize their scars and chose a vertical lift even if it means a smaller lift.

soft or deflated

Soft or deflated—these breasts are similar to the occurrence as pendulous but different in the outcome of form. This type of breast has more of a swooping form, with no firmness and fullness is gone overtime.  These breast have lost volume from the upper part, but are not sagging below the breast fold.

Surgery considerations –unlike pendulous breasts, soft or deflated breasts do not require a lift as the breast sits above the breast fold.  However, some do chose to get a lift not to ‘lift’ the breast but to help reshape it into a sexier rounder look.


Swooping– It is quite common and are due to lack of volume and not quite sagging. They are full on the bottom but not on top, where it has a mixture of soft tissue on the top and fuller on the bottom. The nipple in a swooping type breast are pointed up.  These breast are very similar to deflated breasts.

Surgery considerations – similar to deflated breasts, swooping breasts do not require a lift even though they may look like they are sagging.  Because they lost a lot of volume from the upper half, round implants are best suited for these patients.  Shaped implants will only exaggerate the swooping look.


Uneven– Breasts that are not equal in size is very common with many women by just one cup size. If one breast is more than a cup size larger it is unusual but not abnormal. There are many reasons why women have uneven breasts.  Most commonly the develop in an uneven way.  If the asymmetry is a result of a previous injury or surgery, this has to be taken into consideration when planning the augmentation.

Surgery considerations – first consideration is whether the bigger or the smaller breasts is the ‘better’ one.  Next the surgical plan will have to consider what to do with the other one.  Make it bigger or smaller to match the ‘better’ breast.  When planning breast augmentations, you can chose to have two different breast implants for two different breast, or you may chose to reduce the larger breast to equalize them then use the same implant on both sides for augmentation.  These can be very complex procedures, but are extremely rewarding for the surgeon when they are successful in creating improved symmetry.  Please remember that no matter what is done, your two breasts will always be a little different, and you will always see the asymmetry as more prominent than anyone else that might look at you.

Full Large

Full and Large– Women with breasts that are size D and up possess these breast. Women with these breasts tend to have high volume of fatty tissue in their breasts, also, the nipple and areolas can be bigger with larger breasts. The circumference of the base of the breast that meets the chest wall is one size and it gets larger as you get to the nipple (further down the breast).  Full and large breasts are heavy – and they hang instead of being perky.  When you see photos of women with large breast showing their cleavage, realize you are looking at women who are supporting their breasts.  Without support, they fall and hang low.  You are looking at the ‘push up’ look.

Surgery considerations – women with full and large breast usually request a reduction or a lift.  On some occasions, we have women who are looking to get implants because of the mistaken belief that implants will make their breasts perkier, rounder, and tighter.  To achieve those goals, a breast lift and not a breast augmentation is required.  But you have to remember that

What Is An Ideal Breast?

The ideal breast shape is one where the breast has a sloped look, with 45% of the volume above the nipple, 55% below the nipple.

Most women seeking breast augmentation want to look fuller yet natural. They do not want ‘fake’ looking breasts.

So what is ‘natural breasts’?

When it comes to breast sizes and shapes, there is no one ‘natural’ look that fits all women. Bodies of women all look different from one another; breasts are no different. However, breast augmentation is increasingly popular among women, often done so to enhance their self-esteem or in
some cases, to better their health. Some women would want natural looking breasts proportional to their
bodies, while others may prefer a more exotic look.

Let’s look at the many different types of ‘natural’ breasts
A breast is a highly modified ‘body appendage’ that goes through transformation during puberty to develop into what we picture as a female breast. Each woman is different, and no two breasts are exactly same (even on the same woman). Once fully formed, breasts continue to change with age, weight changes, hormonal change, and pregnancies.

When considering a breast augmentation, we ask that women find pictures of breasts that they like and don’t like, to help us better understand their goals. However, not all of these goals are realistic. A breast augmentation does not create new breasts, it only augments your existing breasts. It is therefore important for you to understand your breasts so that you can have realistic expectations of what is possible to achieve by adding volume (a breast implant or fat) to your breasts.

Women who find pictures online to show their surgeons of what their expectations are may not end up having exactly what they want after the procedure because of the breast type they carry.

Fake vs Natural:

The exposure of media plays a huge role on why some women may want fake looking breasts. Fake breasts refers to bubbly breasts which are round breasts where the cleavage is tight, and the breast/implant sit up high on your chest. The placement of the implant is a crucial factor on the outcome of how the breast would look. The fake look is attained by placing the implant over the muscle to create an obvious outline of the implant (push up effect) which is a crucial factor. Meanwhile to obtain natural looking breasts, it would be the opposite – the implant should be placed under the muscle. This way the implant is less visible on top because the extra layer of tissue on top hides the edges of the implant. Breast implants come in different sizes, but the implant profile is important to look into when deciding whether to go for natural or fake looking breasts.

High profiles have the bubbly appearance because it projects forward, gives rounded fullness, while a low profile is a wide implant with minimal projection. Moderate profile projects from the chest more than the low but not as much as the high- this profile sits well with smaller women with narrower chests. When looking into breast augmentation and deciding on fake or natural looking breasts, do some research on the pros and cons of each and speak to a surgeon on what fits well with your body/breast type.

Breast Augmentation Results

Since every woman’s body shape and breast structure is different, breast augmentation results will be different as well. It is important to understand that you cannot get the breasts of a model or a celebrity by simply using the same implants or approach. Understanding this fact is of key importance to being happy with your final results. Your body’s unique features will influence your final breast shape and position after surgery. There are likely many aspects of your body that are not outwardly noticeable that can still affect the surgical outcome. In fact, many of these minor things will be much more prominent after surgery. Finding and understanding these subtle asymmetries is very important.

Breast Asymmetries

Implants will make breasts larger, but they won’t usually change the shape. And asymmetries you had before surgery will likely remain after.

Natural asymmetries may or may not be able to be removed completely. Some may be able to be improved. On the other hand, some natural asymmetries will even be more pronounced after breast augmentation.

Also, sometimes a new asymmetry is created when correcting the first one. For example, in breasts that are a different size, making them the same size might mean the nipples are now not aligned. In fact, any time the nipples are not aligned before augmentation, this may be more obvious after.

While implants can improve the look of the breast, they are NOT designed to correct every concern.

Implants will not transform every woman’s breast into the same shape.

The skill of the surgeon will determine how much can be changed beyond making the existing breast size larger.


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