What You Need to Know
About Breast Augmentation

Contrary to what some people may believe, breasts don’t come from catalogs. There is no blueprint or set of magic guidelines which can be followed for every procedure. Instead, each and every one of our operations is built around an achievable goal from the unique starting point our clients begin their journey at.

However, not every company strictly follows the legal guidelines.

Beware of Illegal Injections

Many women search the term “Breast Injections Toronto”, unaware of the dangers with this procedure. Breast “injections” are actually an illegal procedure, performed by non-medical staff in order to increase a woman’s breast size.

These illegal injections use various substances such as silicone, PMMA, hydrogel, and many other compounds. The reason they’re illegal is that they are dangerous and in some cases, they can lead to death. In most cases they are initially perfectly fine and the results are great – BUT – it’s only a matter of time before they become a problem.

For some women they may last months, for others years. Eventually, a problem will develop. An infection, painful lumps, deformity, or the substance could extrude through the skin. There is no easy way to remove these, and so a mastectomy (amputation of the breast tissue) is required. The results of which can look horrible.

Buyer Beware

The attraction of these injections is that they are cheap, done without surgery, and the amount of enlargement is almost limitless. It just looks too good to be true, AND IT IS!

I have removed injected breast tissue from women who had these illegal breast injections done elsewhere. In some countries, South America or Russia for example, you can even find doctors who will perform these injections. I still don’t understand how doctors can do this.

The scientific evidence is clear. The complications are obvious and well known to all in the medical community. Yet when women Google these topics, they must come across the many horror stories of other women who were mutilated by these injections. However, we unfortunately still see the damaging results of them being performed.

Don’t become a victim. Do not get illegal injections!

If implants are not for you or if you find them too expensive, then it’s better to do nothing than look for a cheap and easy alternative.

The Safe Option

There are many Toronto-based plastic surgeons who you can see regarding a breast augmentation.

If you do not want to have breast implants, fat transfer (fat injections) may be an option. Using your own fat is very different from these illegal breast injections. Your own fat is the only safe tissue that can be injected. Everything else (no matter how natural it may sound) is going to create a reaction in your body which will lead to complications.

If you have questions about Breast Augmentations, using implants, or using your own body fat, please click here for more detailed information.

Made to measure

Whichever legal method of breast augmentation you decide to use, you will need to agree on a plan of action with your surgeon.

We all know the feeling of wanting a specific haircut or colour after spotting it on a celebrity or friend. Usually, the next step is bringing that photo into your salon for your stylist to reproduce the same design on your head. However, it certainly doesn’t work that way with breast enhancements! (although many have already brought in their photo inspirations pre-operation during their consultations).

Point of Reference

This idea of photo referencing doesn’t work in the realm of surgery for a plethora of reasons. A key reason being, we can’t always decipher or make out the bra size simply from reviewing a picture.

What someone thinks is a C cup could easily be perceived as a DD. This in turn makes it really hard to agree and communicate specific dimensions with your surgeon based on what are assumptions.

That being said, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if you have a similar build or body to the person you’re referencing in the photo, you can expect resembling results after the surgery.

A Tailored Plan

Photo referencing aside, the most essential part of your surgery is that it’s individual and personalised to each client. Consultations are held before any procedure, ensuring satisfaction and avoiding any complications or undesirable outcomes.

The variety of choices in breast size, circumference, and materials all contribute to the result of your enhancement.

Everyone is different whether they want the surgery for corrective or cosmetic purposes. As such, it’s crucial to realise that what looks right on Pamela Anderson won’t necessarily suit you.

So, why bring in photos?

Photos do help Dr. Jugenburg better understand what you like and what you do not like about breasts.

Size, proportions, and shape concepts can all be better understood by visually representing what it is that you want. So do bring in photos, but understand they are used to demonstrate what you like, not what may or may not be possible to create for you.

During your consultation with Dr. Jugenburg, you will have a chance to clarify what results you are looking for, and Dr. Jugenburg will be able to tell you what he can create for you and how it will be done.


Confidential Consultation