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Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2023

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Trends 2023 Canada

It might be unsettling to think about, but plastic surgery does not exist in a vacuum – trends have a big impact on the field. Every year we talk about certain surgical changes becoming more desirable or less so, the same way we might talk about jeans or shoe brands.  The undeniable fact is that

Cheap Plastic Surgery: Looking for Plastic Surgery Deals?

Cheap plastic surgery toronto

When looking for a surgeon, a clinic, or a surgery, there are many factors that need to be taken into account.  Cheap plastic surgery is not one of them. And while price is a major concern for the predominant majority of patients, it should not be on top of your list. First you want to


Turns out Beauty IS NOT In The Eye of the Beholder. It has long been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder or varies based on race, culture or era. There is some truth to this, as each of us may hold some bias towards certain features, such as a preference for certain

Finding Confidence With Your New Breasts

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Cosmetic surgery has been around for a significant amount of years, but today, many women still feel the judging eye of stigma when it comes to popular procedures, like breast enhancements. After matters of price and recovery are out of the picture, the bigger concern lies in people’s reaction to the experience under the knife,

Secrets Plastic Surgeons Want You To Know: Cellulite Cures

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The desire to get rid of one’s cellulite has been an ongoing struggle with women (98%) for years upon years, and for good reason; its undesirable appearance brings on low self esteem or body issues. Having cellulite is not unnatural, in fact it is quite common, and it certainly does not signify that you are overweight

Venezuela’s MissFactories: Extreme Beauty

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For many, Miss Universe is an entertaining and captivating competition that brings out our inner patriotism for the women chosen to represent our countries. For others, it can prove to be an incredibly risky and dangerous path. As Miss Colombia’s Pauline Vega was crowned 2015 Queen, stories of pain and sacrifice from previous contestants shortly

Dangers of Botox: Choosing the Right Injector

You have decided to rid of your crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, some of the many sought-out reasons why patients undergo Botox. You have saved your money and are finally ready for botox. You stumble on an extraordinary deal and schedule a consultation. Turns out you are the “perfect candidate!” Excited, you undergo the procedure. Days later -rather than looking youthfully refreshed you


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