Dangers of Botox: Choosing the Right Injector

You have decided to rid of your crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, some of the many sought-out reasons why patients undergo Botox. You have saved your money and are finally ready for botox. You stumble on an extraordinary deal and schedule a consultation. Turns out you are the “perfect candidate!” Excited, you undergo the procedure. Days later -rather than looking youthfully refreshed you

Farrah Abraham’s Horrible Lip Surgery Complication

lip surgery complication farrah abraham before and after

Farrah Abraham, an American reality show personality that gained fame through the “Teen Mom” reality series, recently made the headlines because of what appeared to be botched lip injections, and boy are they awful. Farrah claimed that although she was interested in the procedure, she did little research on it. It seems as though it was a frivolous,


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