How to chose the correct breast implant size: Asking experts for an online opinion is not the way to go.

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02 March 2015

How to chose the correct breast implant size: Asking experts for an online opinion is not the way to go.

There are many online sites out there that are excellent information resources for patients.  Some also allow patients to ask questions, such as for example where patients can post questions and expert surgeons then answer these questions.

One of the common questions women ask, is what implant size is best for them.

How to chose the correct breast implant size

It is truly impossible to give you a recommendation on what implant size to chose online. Every patient should take the time with their cosmetic plastic surgeon to clearly describe what it is that she wants to achieve, and take the time to try on various implant sizers.  This is a very important step in our consultation.  Dr. Jugenburg and our staff need to understand what size and shape you want to achieve.

Understand that because each person is different and the same implant on two different people can look very different, it is impossible for us to tell you what implant is best for you without properly examining you and measuring you.

Should you bring in photos of breasts that you like?

YES – but not because we promise to create that exact same breast for you (that would be impossible), but because it allows us to better understand what you like and don't like.

Dr. Jugenburg will then review these pictures with you and let you know whether it is realistic to aim for that particular look.  For example, we sometimes have a heavier woman with sagging breasts who brings in pictures of large perky breasts on a skinny young woman.  To go from one to the other requires a lot more than simply putting in large implants and this would have to be discussed with you, to avoid a disappointment on your part.

That's because even if the best plastic surgeon performs the best possible breast augmentation for you, given your existing anatomy, if the results are not what you hoped for, you will not be happy.
Proper in-person assessment and planning is crucial to create happy patients and cannot be replaced by an online opinion.


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